Job Opening: Mechanically Inclined Golf Course Assistant Superintendent

Company: Redwood Falls Golf Club

Location: Redwood Falls, Minnesota

Position Overview:

Redwood Falls Golf Club is seeking a highly skilled and mechanically inclined Assistant Golf Course Superintendent to support the maintenance and operations of our beautiful golf course. As the Assistant Superintendent, you will work closely with the Golf Course Superintendent to ensure the mechanical equipment, irrigation systems, and machinery are effectively maintained. Your mechanical expertise, attention to detail, and ability to troubleshoot and repair various equipment will contribute to maintaining exceptional playing conditions on our course.


  1. Mechanical Maintenance: Assist in the maintenance and repair of all mechanical equipment, machinery, and irrigation systems across the golf course. Conduct regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and repairs to ensure optimal functionality.
  2. Equipment Troubleshooting: Diagnose and resolve mechanical issues with golf course maintenance equipment, such as mowers, tractors, irrigation systems, and other related machinery. Collaborate with the Superintendent in coordinating repairs with external vendors when necessary.
  3. Team Support: Work closely with the maintenance team, providing guidance and support in the operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment. Foster a collaborative and efficient work environment while adhering to safety protocols.
  4. Equipment Inventory and Procurement: Assist in managing an inventory of mechanical equipment and tools, ensuring an adequate supply to meet maintenance needs. Collaborate with the Superintendent to identify and procure new equipment as required.
  5. Preventive Maintenance Programs: Support the development and execution of preventive maintenance programs for all mechanical equipment and systems. Adhere to established schedules for inspections, lubrication, and maintenance tasks to minimize downtime and extend equipment lifespan.
  6. Safety and Compliance: Ensure all mechanical operations and maintenance activities adhere to local, state, and federal regulations, as well as industry best practices. Maintain a safe working environment and assist in enforcing safety protocols among the maintenance team.
  7. Course Improvement Projects: Collaborate with the Superintendent and golf course management team to identify areas for improvement and contribute to implementing enhancements related to mechanical equipment and systems.
  8. Recordkeeping and Reporting: Assist in maintaining accurate records of equipment maintenance, repairs, and expenditures. Generate reports on equipment performance, maintenance activities, and budget utilization as required.



- Previous experience in golf course maintenance or related field with a focus on mechanical equipment maintenance and repair is preferred.

- Strong mechanical aptitude and technical knowledge of golf course maintenance equipment, irrigation systems, and related machinery.

- Ability to troubleshoot mechanical issues, diagnose problems, and conduct repairs effectively.

- Solid organizational and time management skills with excellent attention to detail.

- Effective communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate with team members, vendors, and golf course management.

- Knowledge of budget management and experience in supporting maintenance budgets.

- Familiarity with safety regulations and best practices in the golf course industry.

- A valid driver's license and the ability to operate maintenance equipment.

Join our team at Redwood Falls Golf Club as a Mechanically Inclined Golf Course Assistant Superintendent, and contribute to maintaining exceptional playing conditions on our course. Your mechanical expertise and dedication will be valuable in supporting the Golf Course Superintendent and ensuring the smooth operation of maintenance activities. Enjoy working in a beautiful and professional environment while being part of a team that is committed to providing an outstanding golfing experience for our members and guests.

Open for the 2024 Golf Season!Book at Tee Time
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